Doctoral Researcher

  •  Graduation in Microbiology (University of Madras)

  •  Masters in Marine Biotechnology (Bharathidasan University)

  •  PG Diploma in Bioinformatics (Bharathiar University)

Dr. D. Prabaharan & Dr. L. Uma

Doctoral Programme:
Marine Cyanobacteria a potent feedstock for biodiesel
E-post: peonyuma@gmail.com
Mailing Address:
National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria
Bhrathidasan University
Tiruchirapalli - 620 024

Research aspirations:

  • Cyanobacteria the oldest fossils of the earth are the versatile oxygenic photosynthetic microbes capable of self-fossilizing. These organisms were found in oil bubbles in quartz dated 1000 million years ago. Besides they can survive and grow in a range of habitats throwing light upon its idiosyncrasy.

  • Aspired by its multi potency, the objective of my study is to survey, isolate and identify marine cyanobacteria from marine habitats. To maintain the isolated strains in the repository of Marine Cyanobacteria and screen them for biodiesel feedstock's.

  • To explore the dexterity of marine cyanobacteria to combat the fuel challenges of the world. The study encompasses mass cultivation strategies for biodiesel production.
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