Dr. L. Uma

Director, National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria
Coordinator, Bioinformatics Centre
Chair, School of Marine Sciences
Professor, Department of Marine Biotechnology

Ongoing Projects

Bioinformatics Centre
DBT,Govt of India
2002 - 2017

164.74 Lakhs
Adaptive responses of psychrophilic (Arctic) and mesophilic cyanobacterial diazotrophs to temperature regimes
University Grants Commission
2013 - 2016

15.45 Lakhs
Indo - UK, Sustainbale bio-energy from microalgae - A systems perspective
DBT,Govt of India
2013 - 2016

152.272 Lakhs
Comprehensive analysis of Cyanobacterial Glutathione S- Transferases: New Insights and Perspectives
DBT, Govt. of India
2013 - 2016

49.40 Lakhs

Dr. D. Prabaharan

Department of Marine Biotechnology
National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria
School of Marine Sciences

Ongoing Projects

Molecular Diversity of Indian fresh water and marine cyanobacterial isolates from 'Hotspots' and their biotechnological potentials as bio-surfactants, flocculants
DBT, Govt. of India
2012 - 2015

31.75 Lakhs
Estabilishment of National Repository for Microalgae and Cyanobacteria
DBT, Govt. of India

61.66 Lakhs
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