Cyanobacteria, the oxygen evolving photosynthetic prokaryotes, where some of them can fix nitrogen are the architects for all the living organisms. Considering the biotechnological potentials of these marine microbes, National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria at Bharathidasan University takes pride in being the only facility in the world dedicated solely to the field marine cyanobacterial research. The main focuses of the facility are :
  • To survey the entire coast of line of India and estabilish germplasm collection of marine cyanobacteria as well as cryophilic cyanobacteria;

  • To carry out, basc and applied research resulting in both the understanding of dasic biology as wel as exploitation of these organisms by way of technologies towards human welfare;

  • To carryout genome wide hunt of cyanobacterial genomes;

  • To sequence the whole genome of selected marine cyanobacteria of Indian isolate

  • To develop a strong knowledge economy and human resource through regular workshops and conferences;

  • To provide instrumental and other facilities to needy researchers.
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