Dinesh babu Gnanasekaran

Doctoral Research Student

  • I am pursuing my doctoral degree research on cyanobacterial carbon sequestration supervised by Dr. L. Uma. I belong to the 2005-2007 batch of Biotechnology from Bharathidasan University. Later, I taught Biological Sciences for bioinformatics students at Christ College, Rajkot till I joined NFMC in September 2009.
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Research Interests:
  • As an outcome of the Industrial revolution, carbon dioxide emissions has exceeded the limits resulting in global warming. Cyanobacterial carbon dioxide sequestration is advantageous than the other methods, as cyanobacteria survived higher CO2 concentrations millions of years ago. We are in pursuit of a marine cyanobacterium that could tolerate higher CO2 concentration and sequester carbon dioxide from flue gas. We are also working on the ways to utilize the carbon sequestered biomass by producing biodiesel and phycobiliproteins.
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Email: dineshbty1@gmail.com

Mobile: +91-9500706853
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