T. Bhuvaneshwari

Research Theme:
"Molecular approaches for Marine
Cyanobacterial Identification"

Research Superior:
Dr. D. Prabaharan

Financial Support:
Department of Biotechnology
Govt. of India
Contact details:
E-Mail- bhuvimoksha@gmail.com,

Research Focus area:
Cyanobacteria are unique group of oxygenic photoautotrophic prokaryotes. They possess an extensive morphological diversity ranging from single celled, colonial to differentiated multicellular forms with branching patterns. The cyanobacterial strains of collected and isolated from various Indian coastal area are catalogued and conserved for various biotechnological purpose in our Repository. In order to estimate the biodiversity, it is necessary to optimize the accuracy of taxonomic identification.
Cyanobacterial taxonomy is currently in a state of constant variation. Traditionally cyanobacteria are classified on the basis of morphological approaches which lead to the misinterpretation of identification. Hence the identification has also to be carried out at the genetic level using molecular approach along with the traditional morphological method which offer the possibility to estimate the biodiversity upto species level. My research effort is to use the molecular markers such as 16S rDNA, ITS and cpc regions for cyanobacterial identification and to the strengthen our Repository by adding more cyanobacterial isolates from different coastal regions of India.
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